What's On - 2019

  • Aug 9th - Movies and Observing at Artrix Arts Centre. Apollo 11 (11am), Alien (7:30pm), Observing if clear
  • Sept 2nd - TBD
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    We are a group of Amateur Astronomers in the Redditch and Bromsgrove area aiming to provide a friendly community for like minded enthusiasts.


    We currently meet on the first Monday of each month (except August) in the Cantebury Suite of St Augustines RC school.

    Go Stargazing

    July 27th is a night of many astronomical events. Why join the nationwide Go Stargazing event and see what you can observe

    Dear fellow Stargazer,

    Friday 27th July 2018 is looking like it will be an awesome night for astronomy! There will be a lunar eclipse during the evening when the full moon will rise at sunset appearing deep red in colour -- a "blood moon". A little later that same evening the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will all be visible -- Mars in particular will be shining brightly due to it being "at opposition" and thus a great time to observe the red planet -- the best time since 2003! There will also be a bright visible pass of the International Space Station at 23:00pm!

    The Go Stargazing team is hoping to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy these astronomical events for themselves and we hope that you might be interested in helping us to do so too! One month before on 27th June we will be starting a "Save the date!" social media campaign to raise awareness of the event, to encourage people to make plans and to promote stargazing events taking place. As the date gets closer we anticipate increased media coverage of the "blood moon" resulting in more people looking for somewhere to enjoy the spectacle of a lunar eclipse and see this as a great opportunity for outreach events.

    If you would like to be involved, are already hosting an event or are planning to do so please let us know as we're very happy to promote your event as part of this campaign including listing them on our website at Go Stargazing

    Thanks, and clear skies!

    Wil, Neill, Richard and Rob

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    Chris Lyntott

    Professor Chis Lintott

    Special celebrity speaker

    Andrew Lound

    Andrew Lound

    Last lecture: Under marmalade Skies

    Mike Frost

    Mike Frost

    Local Astronomer and eclipse chaser

    Elizabeth Stanway

    Elizabeth Stanway

    Associate Professor in the Astronomy group at the University of Warwick with a specific interest in observational cosmology

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